We are 100% committed to establish sustainable processes to work with the minimum damage to nature.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Environmental protection

Environmental protection and quarrying are not mutually exclusive.
Modern mining is always oriented to the maxim of resource-saving and sustainable management. Strict environmental standards are prescribed and adhered to. In Turkey, the legislator defines, among other things, the basic conditions for the extraction and processing of natural stone or marble as well as the reutilization of the mining areas during and after the exploration.
Every mining company operating in Turkey is obliged to observe the aspects of environmental protection in all phases of raw material extraction.
For each tree damaged during the mining operations, the Turkish forestry will be paid the cost of planting two new trees.


The area around our license is famous for mining. Besides marble, chrome, manganese and other resources are mined here. EcoCentauri Group is commited and will support the region and the people through culture and health care with a sustainability policy.

Control mechanisms and building a CSR

EcoCentauri Group will appoint an environmental protection officer at the start of production, who will constantly monitor and record the quality of the work on site. At the same time, a small team will be set up at the end of 2021 to set up its own CSR department, which will promote the establishment of its own sustainability policy and award the first sponsorships in the region.

Reserve approx. at current drilling knowledge <1.000.000 MT

„Life is made up of marble and mud.“

(Nathanial Hawthorne)

We are a Quarry Owner and provider of beautiful Marble and Natural Stones also reduces CO₂ Emissions. How? Follow our journey.

2020 Road Map

First Drill Programm for geological analysis


Sample Production (250kg) and Polishing


Second Drill Programm and Petrographic Analysis


3 x Blocks (total of 20t) for sample Slab Production


Cutting of the Sample Production Blocks


Stone Finishes (Polished / Honed / Sandblasted / Zero)


Q1 2021 Road Map

Establishing Production Processes


Third Drill Programm (20 x 250m) on 30° Diagonal


Opening Pit and beginning Block Production


Reaching Production Capacity of 2.500MT per Month


Slab Pictures

Polished Slab (no epoxy)


beautiful dark green stone from the veins of the Taurus Mountains

On Site Documentation

Photos shot at Natural Light with an iPhone

Analysis at University of Ankara – Prof. Yusuf Kagan Kadioglu

Licensed Area

Petrographic and Mineralogy Analysis

We are looking to built a worldwide distribution network.
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